This is a student project which was carried out as part of our course work for a University Wide Module UW0012 Global Citizenship and Development Education, run by the Praxis Project and the School of Education. Course lecturer was Dr. Gertrude Cotter.

We are:

Julie O’Callaghan: I’m doing a part time course in UCC – Environment, Climate and Sustainability.

Joanne Moller: I am a final year English student at UCC.

Imelda Sheehan: I’m a member of staff in UCC since 2000, working in Administration.

Grace Byers: I am a final year digital humanities and information technology student in UCC.

This project was scripting a documentary which we titled ‘The life of your phone’. In it we looked at some of the issues around mobile phones: from the mining of the core minerals in countries with poor regulation to the options available when the phone eventually breaks.

Photo: Shooting incidence at Kasenseli gold mine saddening – https://www.africa-press.net/zambia/all-news/shooting-incidence-at-kasenseli-gold-mine-saddening

Image reproduced from Video ‘Overpopulation and our Environment’ Anthony Cappel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7lrCMoZKUU

Why we chose this Project:

[Julie] I was drawn to the documentary project as I think documentaries are important in imparting information and getting people’s stories heard. It was also an opportunity to focus on issues related to my course of study.

[Joanne] I chose this project because I am generally interested in learning about issues that I was not aware of before and educating myself about them is a step closer to being a good global citizen. This group-project particularly interested me as documentaries are a very effective way to reach and educate people.

[Imelda] I’ve a keen interest in Sustainability, Doughnut Economics, and Global Issues; therefore, the opportunity to work on a documentary – on a current Sustainability issue – as part of a Group caught my attention.  As a Group, we initially discussed different topics of interest to each of us and by our 2nd meeting, we agreed on “e-Waste” as being the focus of our project.

[Grace] I chose to take this module because I wanted to increase my knowledge on how to be a more active member in my community in fighting social issues. This project allowed me to gain new skills in documentary development production through the documentary workshops and writing the documentary script. It gave insight into how we can tackle injustices through different mediums.